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MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Pre-Alpha Footage (Mech_Con 2016)
Pre-alpha demo footage of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, announ...
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The YetiGood Run Tonight!!!
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CARNAGE MK2i absofuckingloutly can not believe i just hacked this account and at the same sitting my fathers pc.. the force is strong with me today boys.. my hard drive took a dump last night.. for no apparent reason.. i tried to use my spare and for some reason, it works, but i can not get online.. ive done about all i could to fix the situation. due to other problems, that just occured today.. my sons pc doesnt have internet either. so im out.. like fubard here. ill be back here to get some help or post an update to sitch
The Yeti4x C-LPL. not to shabby.
The Yeti   Warhawk Prime
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The YetiHey yall, i have a question. anyone out there have an old case they are willing to part with. i need a full atx case to build a pc for my mother.
Killer2day   What size motherboard , atx , matx , micro atx ?
The Yeti   atx
The Yeti   This board [link]
M3ssiahThis is my friend. He was shot in a park and left for dead. The story is within the link if you are interested. He will be missed. I don't expect anyone here to donate anything but I would just like to spread his memory. Semper Fi Brother!
Click here to support Marine Vet Dustin Shirk by Susie White
Marine Vet Dustin Shirk by Susie White - Former Marine, Dustin Shirk, was murdered in Celito Park (Phoenix) on his way home from work July 25, 2016. Tragically, Pokemon Go players ...
Death0511   Donated - Send the family my best. Semper Fi.
Killer2dayServer is back up.
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Death0511   Thanks Killer
The YetiAaaannnnnddddd.........Its Down Again
Killer2day   more like kill me now , 5 fibers all died at the same time still not eta on when they will be back up.
The Yeti   Sympathy to you and your techs, today must be a total shit day.
Death0511   Wishing you the best killer. Hope you guys get it taken care of.
The Yeti   Awesome, TS and VNC are operating, however there also seems to be very limited internet access otherwise. I was unable to use chrome, the MC server cannot connect to the auth servers, and steamcmd cannot update or login.
The Yeti   Also, the ARK server showed as ok in the console window on the server, however there is problems with connecting to it
The YetiGoing along with Killer's post, we have at least two solid locations to join a teamspeak voice service.


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Killer2dayTDMC Server will be off line till tomorrow migrating the server to my data center for more reliable up time.
Killer2dayTDMC SERVER IP CHANGE: [link]
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